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Marysville homely holiday cottage accommodation | Lithgow Falls
Ltihgow Falls logo

"Country Comfort"


Lithgow Falls Location 1 Lithgow Place Marysville 3779

Neslted in the picturesque country village of Marysville, your only a short 2 minute drive from the center of town.

Self Contained

Lithgow Falls is self contained

Equipped with a full gourmet kitchen, outdoor BBQ area, entertainment lounge and laundry facilities.

Sleeps 8

Lithgow Falls is perfect for groups

Boasting 4 spacious bedrooms and 2 luxurious bathrooms. There's loads of room for everyone.

Welcome to Lithgow Falls

This homely holiday cottage offers impeccably appointed country vacation living.

French sliding doors open up onto the outdoor decking and BBQ area. A great place to relax while you’re taking in the wonderful mountain surrounds. With the sound of Steavenson River running in the gully below, it’s hard to believe the centre of town is only a short 2 minute drive.

The open plan design brings a sense of ease and purpose. A large entertainment lounge complete with leather reclining chairs, dining, gourmet kitchen make up the heart of this property. For those winter evenings, the Coonara wood heater is perfect while you’re kicking up your feet after a day at the snow.

This immaculately presented holiday cottage offers 4 spacious bedrooms and 2 well-appointed bathrooms, comfortably accommodating a total of 8 guests.

Make Lithgow Falls your next destination for your well deserved getaway, in charming country Marysville.


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Free Wi-Fi

Coonara wood heater

L'Occitane bathroom amenities

Linen included


Netflix movies

Bluetooth Speaker

Reverse cycle air-conditioning


Blu Ray / DVD player

Basketball ring



Laundry/Ironing facilities

Coffee machine

Things to do

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More great activities, click here



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Weekend getaway

2 nights


Extra night



Minimum 2 night stay
Maximum 8 guests
Discounted rate for stays more than 3 nights

Peak rates apply during winter (June-September), long weekends and school holidays


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Top spot

"With 5 adults and 2 children this very spacious modern house was ideal for a family weekend. The floor plan worked really well and the wood fire was an absolute treat."

Brian B

Ideal getaway

"The kitchen and dining area was very well equipped for 8 people. The view from the deck was wonderful, over the mountains and great for bird spotting."

Jennifer D

Wonderful weekend

"We had the most wonderful weekend staying at Lithgow Falls in Marysville. The facilities and layout helped so much with our enjoyment - many thanks"

Geoff N


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Call Jenny

0488 384 488


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